Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress Testimonial

Kris Karuna

VP of Business Development

Sound to cushion your experience

Avocado Mattress is on a mission to be the most respected source for all-natural mattresses at affordable prices.

Thoughtfully crafted from the finest certified organic, nontoxic materials, their mattresses are lovingly handmade in Los Angeles to maintain the highest standard of sustainability. Avocado Mattress has an equally high standard for the design of their stores, choosing to install Sonos speakers in all four of their locations.

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Music is the easiest way to change the nature of a space. Kris Karuna, VP of Business Development at Avocado Mattress, tapped Sonos to elevate their stores by using sound to create an experience as comfortable and soothing as the blissful rest their products inspire.

Innovating with all-natural materials, Avocado Mattress wants audio to feel like a natural part of shopping that envelops customers into the brand. The ready-to-install speakers and user-friendly controls have made Sonos a favorite partner to achieve a consistent experience across all stores.

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