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Extended coverage

Extend the life of your manufacturer warranty in case of a mechanical or electrical failure.

Accidental damage

Extend covers portable products from accidental damage caused by drops, breaks, and spills.

$0 deductible

If your product stops working, Extend will replace it. No deductible or hidden fees.

Easy claims

Extend offers 24/7 online support. Simply file a claim with your email address. Most are resolved in just a few minutes.

Why add product protection from Extend?

Extend provides affordable, modern, and easy-to-understand extended coverage for your product after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Portable products are covered for accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, including breaks from drops.

How it works

From the date of delivery until the end of your chosen coverage term, your product is protected. You can also add Extend for products you already own through your account.

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Start with Sonos Support

If your Sonos product isn't working properly and has not been accidentally damaged, please contact us so we can determine the problem and help you file a claim if needed.

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File a claim, hassle-free

If a covered product stops working due to damage or defect, contact Extend online or by phone at 877-248-7707. They’ll process your claim in minutes. Once approved, they'll send you details on your replacement.

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Why should I add Extend?

Extend provides affordable extended coverage for your product after the manufacturer’s warranty expires with a modern, and easy-to-understand process. Portable products are covered for accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty from day one.

What do I need to file a claim?

When filing a claim with Extend, you will simply need to provide either your contract ID, email address, or another identifying piece of information.

What if I need to return my product?

If you return your product, Sonos returns the amount you paid for product protection. Depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, Extend may issue a prorated refund, less any paid claims.