Incredible sound.
At your request.

Play music and control your system with hands-free ease and unmatched privacy. It all starts with “Hey Sonos”.
Available on all voice-enabled Sonos speakers.

Hey Sonos, play Cocktail Hour on the Era 100

Do you want to play in the bedroom or office?


Playing in the bedroom

Say it to play it

Request music from Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora.

Assortment of music streaming service logos

Hey Sonos, play Apple Music 1 radio in the kitchen

Playing Apple Music 1 radio in the kitchen

Move the music

Send sound all around your Sonos system without lifting a finger. Just ask to group and ungroup rooms, take the music with you, and play everywhere.

Hey Sonos, move the music here

Hey Sonos, play in the bedroom instead

Hey Sonos, group the living room and dining room

Hey Sonos, move the music here

Hey Sonos, play in the bedroom instead

Fine-tune the experience

Adjust the volume, skip, replay, pause, and manage your music library. With Arc or Beam, you can also ask Sonos to turn on the TV and adjust your home theater settings.

Support for music library management dependent on service.

Hey Sonos, like this song

Use your outdoor voice

Enjoy essential playback controls for volume and pausing while streaming with Bluetooth®.

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Hey Sonos, louder

Created by Sonos for Sonos listeners

Enjoy a more effortless voice control experience. It only takes a few taps in the Sonos app to get started.


Sonos Voice Control limits responses and chimes so you can get to your music faster.


Follow one request after another without having to say "Hey Sonos" every time.


Don't worry about how you word your request. Sonos Voice Control gets it.

Hands-free is now worry-free

Enjoy the convenience of voice control without compromising your privacy. Requests are processed locally on your speaker so your voice is not sent to the cloud, recorded, transcribed, or stored.

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Sonos Support is here to help. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Sonos Voice Control and more useful resources.

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