Commercially licensed music has never sounded better

Legal ease

Sonos offers streamlined access to a wide variety of commercial streaming services with legal music for business that you, your customers, and your employees will love.

Play your way

Curate your own playlists or select a ready-made option based on mood or artist, and get access to business-specific features, like filters for explicit content.

Protect your business

The last thing you need is an unexpected expense. Commercial streaming services take care of licensing fees so you never have to worry.

Respect the rights of music artists

Composers and musicians are also trying to make a living, and commercial streaming services ensure they are properly compensated for their work.

Find the best streaming service for your business

Mood Mix

Fine-tune the music of your brand. Create custom mixes with the click of a button. Easy, flexible, fun, and affordable. 100% commercial-free and licensed music for business. Control your sound with Mood Mix.

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Qsic pairs in-depth musical knowledge with intelligently gathered business data to deliver seamless soundtracks that enhance sales, encourage repeat business, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line.

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Rockbot modernizes music for thousands of small and mid-sized businesses and enterprise brands. Easily select the perfect station, create your own, or sync with leading consumer services. Control any number of locations from one simple dashboard.

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Soundtrack Your Brand helps you find the perfect music for your business. Whether you create the playlists or leave the work to someone else, all of the songs are legal in the world’s largest commercial catalog. Soundtrack allows you to control the music for single locations and chains.

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CloudCover Music's Logo
Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover Music is the #1-rated streaming hit music and messaging service for business: easy to set up, simple to control, great song selection, very affordable, and no long-term contracts required.

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Custom Channels

Custom Channels delivers perfect playlists for music-conscious brands. Get human music curators, rock-solid tech, all licensed music (ASCAP, BMI, etc.), and the best customer support. Listen in minutes on Sonos with a free trial!

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Jukeboxy's Logo

Jukeboxy provides 45+ million songs and 350+ expertly curated, business-friendly playlists that will fit your brand's identity. In-store audio messaging, daypart scheduling, a centralized dashboard, and a remote-control app are included at no extra cost.

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SoundMachine's Logo

Choose from 360+ curated stations, or import your favorite playlists from Spotify and many others. Mix stations, create schedules, program messages, and control multiple users. When at the same location, pay one license and play different music content in different zones.

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Tribe of Noise

Tribe of Noise is an award-winning, royalty-free, streaming music service for business. Clients love the ease of use, savings, and original music. Musicians love the support and fair payments.

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