Create a Sonos system that works as hard as you do

What you need to get started

Whether you want a simple all-in-one solution or a more sophisticated setup, it all starts with the right product, the Sonos app, and the internet.

Sonos speaker or component

Connect one or more products to a power source.

The Sonos app

Download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Internet connection

Use WiFi or hardwire a speaker to your router.

Find the perfect products for your business

Choose from speakers you can place on a shelf or mount, a versatile amplifier you can use to power a built-in system, or a smart component to modernize your traditional audio setup for streaming.

Get recommendations

Set it up

Once you place or mount your speaker, the app will walk you through setting your system up step by step.

Get help from an installer

Enjoy seamless control with the app

The Sonos app puts all your content and settings at your fingertips. Control speakers individually to create different moods in different rooms or group them to play in sync.

Tune like a pro with Trueplay

No expertise required. With a supported iOS device and a few waves of your arm, this easy-to-use software measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings, and other surrounding surfaces then smartly adjusts the EQ.

A sound system that grows with your business

When you’re ready to expand your space or open a new location, it’s easy to add speakers to your system using the app.

Installation & Setup FAQ

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