Trade Up

The simple, sustainable way to upgrade your Sonos system.

Terms and conditions apply.

Recycle an eligible device and receive credit for 30% off any new Sonos product. Enjoy even better sound and the latest features.

Upgrade to a better listening experience
Keep your system running smoothly and get the latest features.
Better sound
Improved reliability
Built-in voice control
Apple AirPlay 2
It’s easy
Sign in to My Account. Go to the Trade Up tab and select eligible devices to put in Recycle Mode in exchange for credit.
Confirm in the app and instantly receive credit for 30% off any new Sonos product for each device you choose to upgrade.
Your device will enter Recycle Mode after 21 days. It will be cleared of data and permanently deactivated so you can safely recycle.
Upgrade with confidence


Recycle Mode permanently deactivates your device and erases all personal data for your security.


Take your deactivated device to a local certified e-recycling center. It's more eco-friendly than shipping it to Sonos.


Upgrade through, at a participating retailer, or by contacting an authorized Sonos installer.

See what’s new


Released 2004-2008
  • 55 W per channel
  • Line-in
  • AirPlay 2
  • Fits standard rack
  • IR receiver


Released 2019
  • 125 W per channel
  • Line-in
  • AirPlay 2
  • Fits standard rack
  • IR receiver


Released 2007-2017
  • Line-in
  • 12V trigger
  • AirPlay 2
  • Fits standard rack


Released 2019
  • Line-in
  • 12V trigger
  • AirPlay 2
  • Fits standard rack

Play:5 (Gen 1)

Released 2009
  • 5 Class-D amplifiers
  • Line-in
  • AirPlay 2
  • Humidity resistant
  • Capacitive touch control


Released 2019
  • 2 Class-D amplifiers
  • AirPlay 2
  • Battery powered
  • Weather and drop resistant
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connection
  • Voice control built in
Have an installer take care of everything
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Contact an authorized installer to recycle your eligible devices and set up new products. You'll still get 30% credit.
Find an installer
Once your device is in Recycle Mode, please dispose of it responsibly.
Recycling Center
Drop your deactivated device off at a local certified e-recycling center.
Local Retailer
Take your device to a participating retailer to recycle and shop.
Use the prepaid shipping label to send your device back to Sonos.
How do I know if my device is eligible for Trade Up?
Sign in to My Account and go to Trade Up to see if your device is marked eligible.
Can I get Trade Up credit if my device is not eligible?
No. This program is intended to help owners of first-generation devices upgrade to more powerful products and the modern Sonos experience.
Why should I participate in Sonos Trade Up?
Since we first released products in 2005, there have been many notable advancements these devices can't support due to hardware limitations. This program provides a simple, sustainable way for you to recycle your used devices and upgrade to a better listening experience.
What is the expected lifecycle of a Sonos product?
Once a product stops being sold, we are committed to providing software updates for a minimum of five years, though these products may lack certain capabilities and enhancements due to the limitations of the computer hardware.
What happens when I initiate recycling?
Once you confirm you’d like to recycle your eligible device in the Sonos app, you can continue listening as usual for 21 days. After this period, the device enters Recycle Mode. All data is erased for your security and the device is permanently deactivated.
What is Recycle Mode?
Recycle Mode is a state your device enters 21 days after recycling confirmation in the Sonos app. In Recycle Mode, all data is erased and the device is permanently deactivated so you can safely and securely dispose of it. Once a device is in Recycle Mode, it cannot be reactivated.
Can I cancel or edit my recycling request?
After you’ve initiated recycling on, you will be able to edit and cancel recycling requests in My Account. Once you confirm recycling in the app, however, you will not be able to make any changes or cancel deactivation.
Can I put my device in Recycle Mode before the 21-day period?
Yes. To deactivate your device early, tap on the badge in the Settings tab. Remember to purchase and set up a new product before you deactivate. This will save your system settings, accounts, alarms, favorites, etc.
If I don't recycle my device, can I still receive credit?
No. You must confirm Recycle Mode in the Sonos app to receive credit.
Can I recycle more than one eligible device?
Yes. For each eligible device you put in Recycle Mode, you will receive credit for 30% off a single new product.
How long will it take to receive my Trade Up credit?
The credit will be applied to your account as soon as you confirm recycling in the Sonos app.
What can I purchase with my Trade Up credit?
Trade Up credit applies to a single product purchased on, excluding limited edition products, refurbished products, and third-party accessories.
Can my Trade Up credit be applied to multiple products in one order?
A single Trade Up credit only applies to one product. If you have multiple Trade Up credits, you can use them for an order containing multiple items. Credit will automatically apply to the most expensive item(s).
Can I combine my Trade Up credit with other promotional offers?
No. Trade Up credits cannot be combined with other offers or promotions on
Can I send my recycled device back to Sonos?
Yes. Visit My Account to learn more.
How should I package my device for return?
Pack the device(s) in an appropriate size box. Affix the prepaid return label provided in My Account and drop the package off at any UPS location. You do not need a Sonos box or the original packaging.
Does my Trade Up credit ever expire?
No. You can use your Trade Up credit at any time.
Why am I being asked to recycle my device?
These older products have been replaced by more powerful products in the Sonos system. We feel it’s the right decision to make recycling a condition of this offer.Taking your device to a local certified e-recycling facility is the most environmentally friendly means of disposal.
Do you resell recycled devices?
No.These devices are permanently deactivated and cannot be resold.