Turn your audio gear into a wireless streaming machine.

With a Sonos Connect or Connect:Amp, you can instantly convert your existing speakers, stereo systems and home theater setups into full-fledged, easy-to-use music streaming systems.

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Upgrade your HiFi with WiFi. Who says you can’t stream all your favorite music with your existing stereo or home theater system? A Sonos Connect converts your existing setup into a fully fledged, no-holds-barred music streaming system. Even better, you can control everything wirelessly from anywhere in your home with a smartphone or tablet.




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Stream with any speaker. No receiver required. Ready to teach your favorite speakers some new tricks? Introduce them to a Sonos Connect:Amp. They’ll instantly learn how to link up with your wireless network, take cues from a smartphone or tablet, and stream your favorite songs. All without any assistance from a dedicated amp or receiver.

Got an existing stereo? Get the Connect.

Have you been craving the easy access to music that streaming offers–but you’re just not ready to invest in a whole new system? With a Connect you can stream music wirelessly through any amplified audio system. We’re talking about large, floor-standing speakers that are powered by an amp. Or surround sound speakers wired into a home theater setup. In fact, any existing audio system that includes an amp or receiver.

Just run an audio cable from the output of the Connect to an input on your existing stereo. Since the Connect offers analog (RCA), optical and digital coaxial outputs, it’s completely compatible with just about any audio system currently available.

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Got a favorite pair of speakers you’d love to use for streaming? The Connect:Amp is for you.

With a Connect:Amp, you can stream all the music you love directly through any pair of speakers, no amp or receiver needed. It’s ideal for bringing streaming to wired in-wall or in-ceiling speaker systems. It also works great for bookshelf speakers or any other speakers which aren’t connected to a receiver. You can even hook up permanently installed patio or poolside speakers to your Connect:Amp, then kick back for some non-stop outdoor listening.

Just connect the terminals on back of the Connect:Amp to your speaker’s inputs with standard speaker wire, then stand back and let the music streaming begin.

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  1. Can I connect more than 2 speakers to the Connect:Amp?

    Can I connect more than 2 speakers to the Connect:Amp?

    The Connect:Amp is designed for a single pair of speakers - it is a stereo amplifier, right and left channel. However, if your speakers are rated at 8 ohms, you can wire up to 2 pairs, or 4 speakers, to one Connect:Amp - you just won’t have independent control between those two pairs of speakers, in terms of volume and music selection.