Somewhere between music fitting into our pockets, screens taking over and home audio getting either too complicated or sounding too crappy, we stopped listening to music out loud at home.

We’ve become tethered to our screens. Isolated by earbuds. The tap-tap of emails and social media are now the soundtrack to our evenings.

This is The Silent Home.

Cause #03

Screen-induced isolation

Face-to-face intimacy replaced by face-to-screen interactions.

In a global survey assessing significant indicators associated with The Silent Home, 62% of respondents noted that increasingly more of their social interactions take place in the digital world, while 46% acknowledged that their family members spend more time interacting with technology than directly with each other.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #07

Utilitarian home life.

Work, lessons, soccer, takeout, laundry, vacuum, bills, repeat.

58% of survey respondents shared that they don’t have enough time to finish all the things they have to do each day.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #11

Acute Hyper-Scheduling

The crime of having free time.

An international “busyness” survey conducted in 2013 indicates that people commonly feel too busy to participate in surveys.

Source: The effect of busyness on survey participation: being too busy or feeling too busy to participate?, Anina Vercruyssen, Henk Roose, Ann Carton, and Bart Van De Putte, International Journal Of Social Research Methodology Vol. 17 , Iss. 4, 2014.

Cause #15

The 24/7 Work Week

When careers become chronic housemates.

58% of all Silent Home Assessment respondents acknowledged the desire for a better work/life balance.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #01

The Adult Fade

A lost connection to the music that made us whole.

60% of music lovers surveyed across nine countries conceded that they listen to less music now than when they were younger.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #14

Anti-social Listening

Headphone hostages: the collapse of music as a communal connector.

44% observed that a lot of their at-home listening takes place either alone or via headphones.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #08

Sound Systems on Steroids

How a universe of music got trapped inside one over-complicated listening room.

46% of music listeners surveyed expressed concern that the electronic devices in their homes aren’t as compatible with each other as they should be, while a full 60% concluded that those same devices become obsolete too quickly.

Source: The Silent Home Assessment, Sonos, 2017.

Cause #10

The Compromise of Convenience

Flat sound. Ongoing dropouts. Bluetooth connection fails: pursuing the unicorn of instant musical gratification.

According to 2016’s Music Makes It Home survey, couples who listen out loud together report spending 37% more “awake time” in the bedroom and having 67% more sex than those who fail to make music a priority. And 86% observe that their shared moments, romantic and otherwise, are enhanced by the right music, not the ping of a text message.

Source: Music Makes It Home Report, Sonos, 2016.