Explore SOLARSYSTYM with Lorde and Sonos Radio

Award-winning artist debuts exclusive curated station on Sonos Radio

New York – May 11, 2022 – Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO) today launched a new collaboration with award-winning artist Lorde, inviting listeners to explore the magical world that moves, shapes and inspires her, both at home and outdoors. Fans can tune-in to hear the songs and stories that influenced the star on her Sonos Radio station, SOLARSYSTYM, or go on a celestial adventure with her limited edition Roam carry bag, which will be available for giveaway on @sonosradio. With artist-created stations that feed music discovery, Sonos Radio embraces the joy of out loud listening with original content that helps you feel more connected to the music and musicians you love.

“SOLARSYSTYM is like stepping into my brain, giving listeners a front row seat to the songs that have meant a ton to me and my life,” said Lorde. “It is a collection of forms, gravitationally bound, a handful of planets, dozens, more dwarf planets, and countless little rocks. All reflecting light from a sun. These are the forms that have altered my course for better.”

Lorde’s curated station gives listeners a candid and unvarnished look at Lorde’s musical journey as she recalls the moments and artists that inspired her, starting in her teenage years and early career, to the present day. Spanning from 70s disco to hip hop, Lorde’s musical canon is on full display, or in her own words, “this cluster of celestial bodies will tell you who I am.” SOLARSYSTYM is available starting today on Sonos Radio worldwide and Mixcloud for those on the go.

“Sonos Radio lets fans dive deeper into the context, stories and raw creativity from some of the greatest music minds today,” said Brian Beck, Head of Music for Sonos. “Lorde is an artistic force to be reckoned with, so to follow the trajectory of how and where she’s been influenced is an invaluable experience for her fans.”

Empowering fans to venture outside and explore their own world, Lorde and Sonos have teamed up with eco-designers, Everybody.World, to design a sustainably-made carry-bag sized to fit Roam and shaped like a crescent moon in a deep blue color mimicking the dark sky after midnight with light stitching that creates a celestial effect. Fans will have chances to snag their own bag through weekly giveaways via Instagram on @sonosradio.

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