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This original Sonos app can be downloaded on your mobile device to control your older products. Products released after May 2020 aren’t compatible with the S1 Controller app. If you have both older and newer products, you can unplug your older products, or upgrade them; or you can create two separate systems—one running S2 with products that are S2 compatible and another running S1 with products that are not.

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Things you can do:

  • Discover and play music—explore Sonos radio, browse and search for music.
  • Add music and voice services—keep your music together and add voice for touch-free play.
  • Sonos playlists—save songs to a playlist so you can listen to them anytime.
  • Play music anywhere—group rooms to send the same music everywhere, or listen to different music in each room.

Controls and buttons


Room name

See what’s playing or group rooms to play the same music in more than one room.


Playback controls

Start, pause, and stop audio; skip to the next song or back to the previous one.

Note: You can skip through content by tapping or (available only with certain services).


Volume control

Adjust the volume of a room, or mute it. When two or more rooms are grouped, you can adjust the volume of all rooms in the group or the volume for each room using its slider.



View and manage the songs you’ve selected to play. You can add, remove, and reorganize the songs. You can also save a queue as a playlist for easy playback the next time. See Sonos playlists.


Now Playing

Shows what's currently playing in this room or group of rooms.


More information

See additional options for the content that’s currently playing, such as setting crossfade and sleep timer, adding a song to your favorites or to a playlist.


Room selector

Choose where you want the music to play.


My Sonos

A space to save and play your favorite music and collections so you always know where to find the music you love.



Browse through music services, your music library, and music on your mobile device. When you find music you like, start playing it in any room.



  • See what’s playing in your rooms.
  • Group rooms to play the same music in different rooms or everywhere.
  • Love to fall asleep to music? Sonos can shut off automatically. From Now Playing, tap the song title to set a sleep timer. Learn more


Search your content sources.



Add music and voice services, set alarms, and go to system settings.


When you play a song, it’s automatically added to your queue; you can also add songs to the queue while browsing.

It's easy to save a queue as a playlist so you can easily listen to it again later. See Sonos playlists.


From Now Playing, tap > to change the song order.


From Now Playing, tap > to repeat all songs; tap again to repeat the song that’s playing.


From Now Playing, tap the song title, then Crossfade to create a smooth transition between songs.


From Now Playing, tap > Save to create a Sonos playlist so you can listen to it again later. See Sonos playlists.


From Now Playing, tap > Clear to remove all songs from the queue. If anything is playing, it will stop.

Delete Songs

From Now Playing, tap > Edit, then you can delete songs.

Reorder Songs

From Now Playing, tap > Edit, then touch and hold to drag the song to a new location.

Play Now

While browsing content, tap (iOS) or (Android), then Play Now to add a song or album to the queue and start playing it immediately. Anything that's playing stops.

Play Next

While browsing content, tap (iOS) or (Android), then Play Next to add a song or album to the current location in the queue and start playing it when the current content finishes.

Add to End of Queue

While browsing content, tap (iOS) or (Android), then Add to End of Queue to add a song or album to the end of the current queue.

Replace Queue

While browsing content, tap (iOS) or (Android), then Replace Queue to delete the current queue and replace it with this selection.

Sonos playlists

Any queue can be saved as a Sonos Playlist in My Sonos. Playlists give you quick access to your favorite music so you can easily listen to it again.

Content stored on your mobile device can’t be saved to a Sonos playlist because it travels with you and isn’t always available to Sonos.

Create a playlist

Build a queue in the Sonos app with the songs you want to play, then from Now Playing, tap > Save and give your playlist a name.

Add to a playlist

  • From Now Playing, tap the song title, then tap Add to Sonos Playlist.
  • From search, tap (iOS) or (Android) beside a song you want to save, and select Add to Sonos Playlist.

Edit a playlist

You can change the order of songs or delete them.

  • From My Sonos, tap a playlist, then tap (iOS) or (Android) at the top of the screen. Select Edit Playlist.

Music services and subscriptions

Stream from your favorite services. Sonos works with all the services you know and love—Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and many more.

To add a music service or change the services you have, go to > Services & Voice.

Upgrade to Sonos Radio HD. Enjoy ad-free listening, lossless audio, and access to exclusive stations and artist content.

To subscribe to Sonos Radio HD or change the subscriptions you have, go to > Account > Subscriptions.

Voice services

Use your voice to control your Sonos system with any voice-enabled Sonos product—play and control content, turn the volume up and down, and more.

Go to > Services & Voice to get started.

  • Amazon Alexa: you’ll need the Sonos app and the Alex a app with the Sonos skill enabled. You’ll make some changes in both apps during setup. Learn more
  • Google Assistant: you’ll need the Sonos app and the Google Assistant app. You’ll make some changes in both apps during setup. Learn more
  • Siri: you’ll need the Apple Home app. Add your AirPlay2-compatible Sonos speakers to the Apple Home app and then use an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to ask Siri to play music (currently limited to Apple Music). Learn more

Note: Voice control isn’t supported in every country yet—this feature will be available as soon as Sonos and a voice service launch together in your region.

App preferences

Go to > App Preferences to adjust preferences and behaviors, like notifications and lock screen controls.


Change appearance to light or dark mode, or set it to default to the device setting. Learn more

Show Notifications (Android)

Allow the app to display notifications. This setting must be on to use app shortcuts or lock screen controls.

Show App Shortcuts (Android)

Create shortcuts on your Home screen to quickly get to your favorite content.

Home Screen Volume Control (Android)

Use the hardware volume buttons on your Android device to raise or lower the Sonos volume. Learn more

Lockscreen Controls/Show Lock Screen Controls

Control your Sonos system from the lock screen on an iOS or Android device.

Enable Search History

Allow your recent searches to be saved. Data is stored locally on this device and is not uploaded to our servers.

Confirm Location

When Sonos has been inactive for a while, confirm where you want the music to play.

Room Detection

Detect nearby speakers using the microphone on this device.

Control from Other Devices (Android)

Control your Sonos system in alternative ways.

Find My Apps

Allow music and content apps installed on this device to appear when you’re browsing so you can add them to the Sonos app.

Allow Pop-up Messages

Allow pop-up messages so new products can be found automatically.

Installer Setup

Settings for installers who regularly set up multiple product at the same time.

  • Multi-product Setup—perform a single firmware update for all new products after they're added to the network.


The software version of your Sonos app.


The specific build number of the version of your Sonos app.

Manage Android Settings / Manage iOS Settings

Opens the Sonos app settings in your Android or iOS device settings.

Reset App

Disconnect the app from your Sonos system so you can set up a new Sonos system or connect to an existing system on the same network.

System settings

Go to > System to view or change the settings for your Sonos system and connected devices


About My System

Shows all the Sonos products in your system along with detailed information including name, serial number, IP address, software version, and more.


Shows the AirPlay compatible products in your system and allows you to keep non-AirPlay compatible products grouped with AirPlay-compatible products for multi-room playback. Learn more


Set an alarm to automatically play music at a specified time in a room or room group. See Alarms and sleep timer.

Audio Compression

Allows you to override the pre-set and choose if Sonos compresses the audio when streaming Line-In. Sonos presets the best Audio Compression level for your system; this setting overrides the pre-set. Learn more

Date & Time

Set the local date and time for your system or set it from the Internet. You can also specify whether you want the time adjusted for daylight savings.


Create a group of products so you can quickly select it by name.

Media Servers

Allows your shared Windows Media library to appear in the Sonos app so you can browse content and stream it to your Sonos system directly. Learn more

Music Library

Manage the music library you have stored on a computer or network attached storage drive. Use a computer to set up your music library. Learn more


Switch your Sonos system to a different wireless network or, if you have a product wired to your router, you can change your system’s wireless channel to try to reduce interference.

Parental Controls

Restrict access to explicit content. Learn more

System updates

Sonos regularly adds new features. Set your Sonos speakers to update automatically in the background so you always have the latest features without interrupting your listening. Learn more

Transfer System Ownership

Transfer your Sonos system to a new account. You may need to do this if you create a new Sonos account or if you’re using pre-owned products that are still registered to the original account. Learn more

Forget Current Sonos System

Remove a Sonos system from your app so you can connect to a different system. This option isn’t available if the app is only connected to one Sonos system.

Alarms and sleep timer


Wake to music you love by setting an alarm with a favorite song, station or playlist. Go to > . Learn more

  • Wake up to different songs, radio stations or playlists on different days.
  • Have your favorite songs playing when you come home from work.
  • Schedule Sonos to play for a few hours every night when you’re on vacation.

Snooze Alerts

Want to stay in bed a little longer? Turn on Snooze Alerts when you set an alarm.

Sleep Timer

Love to fall asleep to music? From Now Playing, tap and set a sleep timer.

Account settings

Your account allows you to register your products, receive updates, and provides a seamless integration with content and voice services. Learn more

Change email

Change the email address associated with your Sonos account.

Resetting password

Change the password associated with your Sonos account.