Make a sound investment in your business

Music has an important role to play

Set the right tone for your business, and create better experiences for customers and employees.

More motivation

62% of people say music motivates them to work out harder and longer.*

*Sonos Brilliant Sound Study

Enhanced productivity

76% of people say music makes them more productive and inspires their best work.*

*Sonos Brilliant Sound Study

Increased foot traffic

45% of shoppers say music affects how they feel in a space more than lighting or decor.*

*Sonos Brilliant Sound Study

Greater loyalty

76% of patrons say they prefer a place with good music over one with good drinks.*

*Sonos Brilliant Sound Study

More motivation

62% of people say music motivates them to work out harder and longer.*

*Sonos Brilliant Sound Study

Everything your business needs to sound great

Whether you need to install in-ceiling speakers or customise your setup with wall mounts and other accessories, Sonos makes it easy to elevate your customer experience with a streamlined sound system tailored to the needs of your business.

A premium sound systemthat’s easy to set up and manageand completely customisable

Beautiful sound

Experience clear, balanced, and richly detailed sound that fills your space at any volume.

Seamless control

Stream music, customise settings, and control the experience with the Sonos app.

Adapts to your needs

All Sonos products work together over Wi-Fi, so you can create the right system for your business and expand any time.

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Seamlessly integrate sound into your business

Designed to disappear

Discover a wide selection of industry-leading speakers and components that blend into your business so you can focus on everything else.

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Engineered to be effortless

Sonos makes it easy to start your commercial sound system, stream music, and control the experience with one intuitive app. Because you work hard enough.

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