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The Ultimate Guide to Sonos for Business and Commercial Use

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For over 20 years, Sonos has led the way in home audio, delivering unparalleled sound experiences to customers with its best-in-class speakers. But why stop at home? After all, music is the driving force behind so many great experiences — whether it’s a meal out with the family, a shopping trip with friends, or a relaxing afternoon at a favorite café.

Through its new comprehensive streaming solution, Sonos is bringing its expert craftsmanship and audio excellence out of the home and into commercial spaces. Restaurateurs, retailers, and café owners can now create more impactful customer experiences with this business-focused offering: Sonos Pro.

This guide will cover the ins and outs of Sonos Pro, offering insight into how Sonos is transforming the commercial audio landscape. Here’s what we’ll explore:

  • Amplify your brand: Sonos Pro and commercial streaming services
  • High-quality speakers
  • Commercially licensed music
  • A central dashboard for complete control
  • How restaurants and retailers benefit from Sonos’s commercial offering
  • Create your ideal environment with on-brand music
  • Remote access keeps you in control at all times
  • Free your staff from distractions
  • Dedicated support whenever you need it
  • Level up your existing system with seamless integrations
  • Take control over your brand sound with Sonos Pro
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Amplify your brand: Sonos Pro and commercial music streaming

Commercial music streaming services provide catalogs of licensed music that make it possible for shops and restaurants to create an atmosphere that aligns with their brand. Not only does this music enhance customer mood and stimulate employee productivity, but it also contributes positively to a business’s bottom line.

Sonos Pro includes access to curated stations specifically designed for commercial use in restaurants and retail stores. But that’s just to start. Sonos takes it a step further than other commercial streaming platforms by giving you complete control over your brand sound through a three-pillar approach that includes high-quality speakers, commercially licensed music, and a dashboard for central control.


High-quality speakers

Sonos Pro brings audio excellence into commercial spaces with speakers designed to fill any space with a crisp, clear sound. Create the perfect sound system for your space using a combination of two speaker options —  Five and  Era 100.

Both of these speakers are equipped with WiFi capability, eliminating the need for hardwiring. This also means you can easily add new speakers to your sound system as your business scales, so every space has a consistent atmosphere.


Commercially licensed music

Unlike streaming music at home, playing it in your restaurant or shop requires commercially licensed music. But with Sonos Pro, all you need to do is hit play. The streaming solution includes access to Sonos Backgrounds, a comprehensive catalog of pre-licensed music that caters to any commercial environment.

Sonos Backgrounds comes in two tiers: Essential and Premium.

Essential: Choose from a variety of ad-free stations, with music from independent artists that is organized by genre, business type, and season.

Premium:  Get access to hundreds of stations that feature music from the artists your customers know and love.

With either tier, you can rest assured knowing that your music is fully licensed for commercial use and can fit any atmosphere you want to create for your customers. Plus, Sonos Backgrounds filters out all explicit content and themes, so you know your music is suitable for all audiences.


A central dashboard for complete control

The Sonos Pro dashboard is the secret ingredient to your perfect atmosphere, bringing your speakers and music in harmony to create the perfect audio backdrop. Accessible through both web and mobile, you can check on any location at any time to make sure your customers hear music to match the mood.

Sonos Pro provides seamless control over your sound system through a single, centralized dashboard accessible via your mobile device or tablet.  Manage the music, speaker volume, system scheduling, and access controls, all remotely.

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Benefits of using Sonos Pro in your restaurant or store

Whether you’re a viral restaurant brand looking to scale, like Chaia Tacos, or an established retailer with a presence in 25 states across the country, like Faherty, Sonos Pro provides all the tools you need to boost your business with the power of music.

Now let’s dive into the primary benefits your business can gain by choosing Sonos Pro for your commercial sound system:

Create your ideal environment with on-brand music

Background music is your behind-the-scenes sales support. Use it to create a lively environment for restaurant patrons or encourage customers to circulate more slowly through your shop. Whatever your business goals, the background sound in your establishment can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

With access to a variety of stations playing commercially licensed music through Sonos Backgrounds, Sonos Pro helps you find the sounds that perfectly resonate with your brand. The music is also ad-free, meaning uninterrupted playback for your customers and staff.

For those on the Premium tier, you also get exclusive access to recognizable music from top artists, so you can create an atmosphere to match any major holiday or store-specific event.

Remote access keeps you in control at all times

Running a successful business is all about juggling priorities. With so much on your plate, the last thing you want is to constantly drop into your shop or restaurant to make sure the right music is playing at the right volume. Likewise, you don’t want your sales team bogged down by your sound system when they are supposed to be elevating customer experiences.

With Sonos Pro’s remote monitoring and management features, you can check the status of each of your location’s sound system from anywhere using the dashboard, eliminating the need to be on-site at all times. It lets you schedule your sound system in advance — so it automatically adjusts the music, volume, and tempo throughout the day. Even when you’re away, you’re still in control. Plus, your team is free from distractions, so they can help customers and drive sales.

Dedicated support whenever you need it

People don’t always notice it, but a store or restaurant that’s too quiet can be unnerving and hamper your business. That’s why your Sonos Pro account comes with direct access to a success manager through a prioritized phone line or online chat.

Your representative can help you swiftly navigate any issue and provide a solution, including connecting you to a customer support specialist who can help you navigate any troubleshooting so you can eliminate downtime and get your sound back on track.

Level up your existing system with seamless integrations

Even if you already have a commercial streaming service or remote monitoring and management tool, Sonos Pro integrates seamlessly with other platforms to help you level up the entire sound experience in your business.

If you’re already using another commercial streaming service like Soundtrack Your Brand, Rockbot, Cloud Cover Music, or Jukeboxy, you can still connect to the central Sonos Pro dashboard and distribute your music through your Sonos speakers.

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Take control over your brand sound with Sonos Pro

Every detail matters when you’re trying to stand out from the competition. Still, many business owners neglect to invest in one of the most powerful sensory experiences for their customers: sound. With an end-to-end solution like Sonos Pro, you can gain an edge over the competition with high-quality speakers, commercially licensed music, and an easy-to-use dashboard to control it all.

Learn more about Sonos Pro pricing options for your retail or restaurant business and take control of your brand sound today.

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