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Say goodbye to silent nights with smart wireless speakers that are easy to set up, easy to control, and stream all the audio content you love.

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Roam angle front shadow black
Voice control
Ultra Portable Smart Speaker
Roam SL angle front shadow black
Great value
Roam SL
Ultra Portable Speaker
Move angle front black
Portable Smart Speaker
One angle front black
Smart Speaker
One SL front black
One SL
Five angle front black
Premium Speaker

Next level sound

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Portable Set with Roam black
Adventure Set
2x Roam
Save £18
Roam with Wireless Charger black
Roam Charging Set
Roam + Wireless Charger
Save £12
Roam SL with Wireless Charger black
Roam SL Charging Set
Roam SL + Wireless Charger
Save £11
Two Room Set with One black
2 Room Set with One
2x One
Save £20
Move and Roam black
Portable Set
Move + Roam
Save £29
Move with One black
Indoor / Outdoor Set
Move + One
Save £30
Two-Room Set with One SL black
2-Room Set with One SL
2x One SL
Save £18
Move with Arc black
2 Room Set with Arc
Arc + Move
Save £65
Two Room Set with Five black
HiFi Set
2x Five
Save £50
Pro-Ject T1 turntable with Sonos Five black
Turntable Set
Five + Turntable
Save £43



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