Rock-solid wireless, for every setup

Sonos now offers two wireless options to ensure reliable performance

Sonos on home WiFi

Connect Sonos to your existing WiFi network

1. Start with any Sonos speaker
2. Connect to your home WiFi network using the free Sonos app
3. Enjoy music in every room, in perfect sync

How is Sonos on WiFi different?


Enabling Sonos on WiFi doesn’t mean that we do it the same as everyone else. We’ve taken our years of experience in wireless networking technology and applied it to our enhanced Sonos implementation on WiFi to improve performance and reliability.

An example? Sonos speakers have always communicated directly with each other using a dedicated wireless network. Now we’re bringing this same capability to our speakers when they’re using the home WiFi network, so they stay in perfect sync all over your home and you never miss a beat.

Which setup is right for me?

If you’ve got great WiFi at home, simply buy any speaker and set it up on your home WiFi network using the free Sonos controller app. If your home WiFi network just isn’t reliable enough, Sonos offers options for you to make sure the music never stops.

Here’s a guide to help you understand which Sonos setup is right for you:

# of players* Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 32
Ideal for Any home with good WiFi coverage Larger homes where WiFi doesn’t reach all rooms Larger homes where WiFi doesn’t reach all rooms Any home where wireless connectivity is a serious problem
Wireless range Dependent on WiFi router broadcast power Reliable mesh network; allows players to connect through any nearby player Reliable mesh network; allows players to connect through any nearby player Most reliable mesh network with 2x the range of BRIDGE
Dedicated wireless network   X X X
Extend the range of your existing Sonos network   X X X
Enterprise-grade wireless performance       X
3 wireless antennae for uniform 360° coverage       X
Advanced wireless interference rejection       X
Wall mountable       X
Price FREE FREE € 49 € 119

*Actual number of players may depend on network conditions

Dedicated Sonos Wireless Network

For homes where WiFi is unreliable

1. Connect any Sonos speaker, BRIDGE, or BOOST to your router
2. This automatically launches a separate wireless network
3. Non-Sonos devices use WiFi and Sonos uses this separate network, eliminating interference and increasing range

Why create a dedicated Sonos wireless network?

When WiFi doesn't cut it

Sometimes WiFi just isn’t enough. Some people have problems streaming movies or surfing the web at home because their network is crowded with too many wireless devices, and others have rooms too far away from the router that don’t get a WiFi signal at all. If this sounds familiar - you can always plug any Sonos product into the router or buy a BOOST to create a dedicated wireless network just for your Sonos speakers.

Dedicated Sonos network benefits

Plugging in a product launches a reliable mesh network on a separate wireless channel, which means that your speakers don’t have to talk to the WiFi router directly, but rather can connect reliably through any nearby Sonos player. This increases the range of your Sonos system, and ensures that you’ve got great connectivity no matter how large your home or how many WiFi devices you use.

Why is a dedicated Sonos wireless network required for expanding home theater?

The dedicated Sonos network is required because it ensures incredibly low latency between PLAYBAR and SUB or rear speakers, so you don’t experience any lip-sync delays when you’re watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Unparalleled wireless reliability

Meet the most powerful wireless product we’ve ever built.

BOOST provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for unparalleled reliability, even in homes with wireless connectivity problems.