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Release Notes for Sonos Software Version 8.0

Current software version

Our App—Remastered.

Enjoy easier room control, faster time to your favorite music, and simpler navigation.

Easier Room Control

Play music all over your home with even more ease. Change what rooms the music is currently playing in directly from the “Now Playing” screen. Or hit the “Rooms” tab at the bottom of your screen to get the whole home overview.

Quicker Access

Organize all your favorite music in one place with “My Sonos.” Add playlists, radio stations, albums, or songs from more than 50 music services.

Simpler Navigation

Everything you need is now at the bottom of the Sonos app—making it easier and faster to get where you want to go.

Also in this release:

Tap & Hold To Group Speakers

Add a speaker to a currently playing group without the app by long-pressing the play/pause button.

Explicit Filtering

An easy option to filter out explicit content so the whole family can listen for hours on end. (Filter on Apple Music today, with more services coming in the future.)

Sonos + Amazon Alexa
Voice Control

Currently in Open Beta in the US, UK and Germany, our newest update combines the great sound and multi-room listening of Sonos with the easy-to-use voice service of Amazon Alexa.

Ask Alexa to play something chill for cooking. Request your favorite playlist on shuffle while you shower. Turn up the volume with the sound of your voice. Whatever you say, Sonos will play. Just connect your Sonos to Amazon Echo or Dot over WiFi, then simply ask for the music you love.

Hands-Free Control

Request a lullaby while tucking in the kids, check news and traffic in real-time, or use any feature that Alexa offers, using just your Sonos. No phone or tablet is required so you can listen better with less distractions.

Music Services on Command

Use your voice to play all the music you love from your favorite services. Queue up a song and control with voice commands when listening to Amazon Music (Prime or Unlimited), TuneIn, Pandora, SiriusXM and iHeartRadio. Voice support for Spotify coming soon.

Better Over Time

Since Sonos and Alexa are continually updating with new features, services, and skills, your music and voice options will continue to get better over time.

System Requirements, Alerts & Warnings

Minimum OS requirements

  • Android 4.3 or later
  • iOS 9 or later
  • macOS 10.10 or later
  • Windows 7 or later

Warning: Partially Supported Controllers
Sonos apps on these older operating systems are not fully supported by 8.0.

  • Android: 4.0/4.1/4.2
  • iOS: 8
  • macOS: 10.9 (Mavericks)

After updating to 8.0, you can still browse, search, and play music on your Sonos system. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to perform tasks such as adding new speakers, modifying your music services, or setting up a brand new Sonos system. Please use a device that meets our minimum OS requirements for these things.

  • Sonos CONTROL/CR200

Does not update to 8.0, but can still browse, search, and play music on your Sonos system.