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Sonos is unique among consumer electronics products because it keeps getting better even after you buy it. That’s because we offer free software updates with new features, music offers and more.


Play Apple AirPlay® music sources on Sonos

It’s the only true, multi-room Apple AirPlay® experience.
  • Connect an Apple AirPort Express® to any Sonos ZonePlayer via line-in and wirelessly stream what’s playing on your iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod touch® to any or every room.
  • Party Mode. Send a song from your iOS device to multiple ZonePlayers throughout your home and enjoy that song in every room, simultaneously. Only with Sonos.
  • Different songs, different rooms, Sonos style. Stream different songs from your iTunes library in different rooms. Only with Sonos.
  • Experience superior 802.11n wireless performance, via SonosNet, using an AirPort Express. Only with Sonos.

Multi-task on your favorite iOS device

Start playing your music even faster with multi-tasking updates available on:
  • Sonos Controller for iPhone
  • Sonos Controller for iPad Take control with the free Sonos Controller for Android app

Transform your favorite Android™ smartphone into a wireless music controller

  • Find and play any song, in any room, right from your phone.
  • Use voice search to find any artist, album or track by simply speaking into your phone.
  • Type on the touch screen or physical keyboard to find your favorite artist, then browse through albums with a flick.
  • View full-screen and thumbnail views of album art.
  • Connects to Sonos over your home WiFi network.
  • Download it for free from Android Market™.
  • Available worldwide, in English only.