Our Works with Sonos badge certifies products that connect with the Sonos Home Sound System seamlessly.

Today’s homes are filled with a wide range of connected technologies.

We expect to be able to listen to our favourite songs, podcasts, and radio stations everywhere we go in our homes. We also expect our devices and music services to work together like magic.

Certification Mark

Our Works with Sonos program certifies products that connect with the Sonos Home Sound System seamlessly. The badge helps answer your “Will this work with my Sonos?” questions The badge helps people to choose products that meet Sonos’ exacting standards in terms of design and sound.

Look out for this symbol in stores, on packaging and online.

Certified Partners

Get direct, one-touch control of any Sonos speaker as well as control of lighting, blinds and central heating with Sonos’ integration into Lutron’s Caséta Wireless, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks QS smart home systems. Play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume in exactly the same way that you control lights and blinds from your bedside table or from the wall.

Lights. Power. Security. And Sonos. Now they’re all connected through one single app. Simple controls enable you to monitor and manage everything in your home. You have less to do, as it does more for you.

Yonomi brings your home to life. Automate your Sonos system or link it up with other smart home devices to create the perfect atmosphere for every room at any time of day. Yonomi works flawlessly with all your favourite devices, like Nest, Philips Hue, LIFX, Ecobee, Lutron, and more.

Bringing refined design together with the best in audio technology, the Wrensilva x Sonos consoles are an elegant fusion of the past and the future. Traditional craftsmanship, heirloom quality materials, and analogue audio find harmony with contemporary design sensibility, intuitive user interfaces, and the absolute cutting-edge of audio streaming by Sonos.

TunesMap aims to help you explore, inhabit, and dive deeper into the cultural context of your music. Choose any song playing on your Sonos system and TunesMap makes up an interactive documentary of films, art, fashion, books, photos, articles, videos, and merchandise from the artist you’re listening to - and displays it instantly via your Apple TV.

Add instant buttons and control any Sonos device with iPort’s xPRESS Audio Keypad for Sonos. Toggle through Sonos favourites, control volume, skip tracks and much more. Set up in no more than two minutes with the iPort App via your home’s Wi-Fi network. Mount on the wall or anywhere else with built-in magnets.

Alarms.com’s partnership with Sonos adds seamless smart home control for music and audio content. With a single tap on the Alarm.com app, a Scene for arriving home can disarm the security system, unlock the front door, turn on the living room lights and start off a favourite playlist through Sonos.

Who is ABB?

ABB-free@home – Home automation easier than ever. Switching or dimming the light, heating or cooling, controlling the blinds and the Sonos speaker. Everything is integrated in one system. Designed to match your light switches and sockets, the system allows you to control your Sonos system with a touch of a button.

With ABB-free@home you are able to automate your smart house in the way that like: e.g. your blinds roll up automatically in the morning or your favourite song plays on your Sonos system to wake you up. Leaving the house? You can program the system so that all lights turn off and the music stops when you leave.

Harmony is designed to improve your home entertainment. Easily control all of your favourite entertainment devices from one place – including your Sonos speakers. Create favourite playlists or scenes like Movie Night (where your Sonos soundbar turns on at a certain volume when your TV turns on). With Sonos and Harmony, you can group your speakers and control multiple rooms with the tap of a button. Getting to your music is incredibly fast and easy.

The new URC module allows for simple and reliable Sonos control as part of a fully-integrated Total Control 2.0 system. Features include; volume control, grouping of Sonos players, access to Sonos favourites and advanced automation. The module utilises a new method of integration that expedites the programming process for URC dealers.

The amazing home cinema you’ve built around your Onkyo receiver can now be part of your existing Sonos Home Sound System, or the start of a new one. After a simple set up, your Onkyo receiver will seamlessly tie into Sonos, instantly waking, changing inputs and playing at the volume you command through the familiar Sonos app.

Niko Home Control is an affordable comfort installation with which you can easily control all functions in your home. Switching the lights on or off throughout the house, activating the right atmosphere with a single click, adjusting the blinds from the comfort of your own chair… all becomes possible with Niko Home Control, via a display centrally located in your home. Or via your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

With the integration of Sonos, Niko is now taking home automation to a new and musical level. With just the push of a button or tap on your smartphone, you can dim the lights, turn up the heating and listen to your favourite playlist through your Sonos system. Is someone at the door? The volume will turn itself down automatically. Are you going out? You can switch all the lights off and turn off your Sonos installation with a single click.

Control of music is now as simple as operating a light switch! Play your favourite music on Sonos in any room from the same switch that operates your lighting, curtains, and blinds. Seamless control of a Sonos Home Sound System, without the hassle.

Works with Sonos

We are actively seeking new partners to integrate with and who we can explore the possibilities of the connected sonic culture with.

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