'Alexa, play Lorde in the living room.'

You ask out loud and your music answers. Welcome home. Now in open beta

'Alexa, turn it up.'

With an Amazon Echo or Dot, you can use your voice to play and control songs, playlists, radio stations, podcasts and more. On any Sonos speaker in any room of your home.

Join the beta. It's easy. Simply enable the Sonos skill on your Alexa app.

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'Alexa, play my sweet dreams playlist in the baby's room.'

Not got your phone to hand? No problem. You can even request a lullaby when you’re tucking the kids into bed.

Sonos uses Amazon Alexa to make your entire home listening experience less touchy. But a whole lot more feely.

All of your music

Use the convenient combination of your voice and the Sonos app to manage all your music in one place.

Software updates

Both Sonos and Alexa keep adding new features, enhancing sound, services and skills to make sure both your music and voice control options just keep getting better. For free. For life.

'Alexa, what movies are playing?'

Sonos brings the sound. Whilst Alexa adds lots of other helpful skills that make life easier. Get up-to-date news and weather forecasts, dim the lights, control your thermostat, and enjoy all those other helpful things that Alexa does.

'Alexa, play top songs from 1988 in the den.'

Since Alexa responds to any voice, anyone in your home can take control of the music. Teens can tell Alexa to skip tracks or lower the volume while they study. Friends can share their questionable taste in music with you, no app required. And you can pause it all with a simple command.

Ask Alexa to play music from these featured music services.

Or pause, resume, skip or change the volume with all services available.

Get Started

You'll need:

Any Sonos speaker
An Amazon Echo device
The latest Sonos and Amazon Alexa apps

Listen better.