You Need Fresh Air. Bring Roam.

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Steven Saftig

Global Head of Editorial

Once you get a hold of our new portable speaker, Roam, you’re going to want to see what it can do. Here are three ideas to get you started—and three reasons why you’ll want to bring Roam along on all your future outdoor adventures.

The more time we spend inside, the more likely we are to forget how good it feels to be outside. The sofa is comfortable. Snacks are plentiful. The air is temperate. And we’ve got every song, film, show, and book at our fingertips.

But getting outdoors is like a reset for mind, body, and spirit. It reminds us that we’re alive and part of a planet that’s full of unexpected sights, sounds, smells, and sensations—all of which we’re walled off from whilst indoors.

With Roam, spending more time outside doesn’t mean having to give up everything you love about your Sonos system. Our newest portable speaker was intentionally designed to make listening on the go as easy as possible.

Spending time outside is self-care. So is listening to things that make you happy. We’ve come up with three excuses to get you outside and into the fresh air. And, three reasons why you’ll want to bring Roam with you.

Ready to go?

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Outing #1: Gain Elevation with Meditation

If you regularly meditate or love getting out into nature, you know the benefits. Connection. Calmness. Clarity. (To name a few.) By combining both activities into one adventure, you can take the entire experience to another level.

For your first outing, consider taking Roam with you on a camping trip. (And if that’s not possible, take a hike on a local trail that’s right for your fitness level.) Once out in the wild, find a spot that’s safe and comfortable, and where you won’t disturb plants or wildlife. When you’re settled, play a guided meditation from an app like Calm, Ten Percent Happier, Headspace, or Waking Up. (You may want to download the meditation in advance in case there’s no service.)

Why bring Roam?

There are many different ways to meditate. To take full advantage of being outdoors, consider doing a meditation that emphasises mindfulness or paying attention to your surroundings. By listening to the guided meditation through Roam (versus your headphones) you’ll be able to meditate whilst simultaneously taking in the natural sounds and sensations around you.

Roam seamlessly switches between WiFi and Bluetooth, so it’s easy to send the meditation audio directly from your phone to Roam. And because the speaker weighs less than a pound, it won’t weigh you down if you have to do a bit of hiking to get to your campsite.

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Outing #2: Game, Set, Music

Tennis combines skill, fitness, and competition. It also presents a great opportunity to socialise outdoors with someone not in your pod. Now, we know that tennis requires intense focus, but unless you’re a professional player, it’s nice to be reminded that it’s just a game. Music can help loosen up the vibes and mellow the competition.

For your next outing, grab a racket, a tube of balls, and Roam (which, side note, conveniently fits into an empty ball tin), and challenge someone to an outdoor match. Choose music that puts everyone on the court at ease. This will create an atmosphere of friendly competition, inspiring appreciation for being able to play a game outdoors. (Our art director swears by upbeat 80s pop and yacht rock to create the best vibe.)

Why bring Roam?

When vertical, Roam takes up very little space. So an out-of-bounds tennis ball is incredibly unlikely to knock it over. On the off chance you manage to hit it, don't worry. The durable design can handle your serve. When Roam is on the ground, the speaker’s triangular shape subtly directs sound upwards towards the listener. And no matter where you place it, automatic Trueplay dynamically adapts the sound for its surroundings, ensuring that Roam will deliver surprisingly rich sound even in an open-air environment.

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Outing #3: Flowers and Fiction

When it comes to self-care, there are few activities more therapeutic than tending to a garden. Doing so means becoming an active participant in the creation of the fresh air we all depend upon.

For your final outing, consider bringing Roam with you to the community garden for a more mellow and introspective activity. Whilst you plant, water, and prune, you can catch up on some reading with a good audiobook. Nourish your mind with something nature-inspired like Richard Powers’s The Overstory, Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things, or a classic like The Secret Garden.

Why bring Roam?

Roam is rated IP67, meaning that it’s waterproof and dustproof, and can easily weather an unexpected shower from a watering can. (Plus, it will prevent you from ever accidentally planting a wireless earbud.) And Roam’s tactile buttons make it easy to play, pause, skip, revisit, and adjust the volume, even when wet.

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Roam was made to be the perfect companion when you want to get out of the house—whether it’s for an epic cross-country road trip or a relaxing afternoon at the park. It was also designed to integrate seamlessly into your Sonos system when you get home, ensuring that it won’t spend half its life in a backpack or drawer. Stay tuned for a future blog post in which we’ll share all the ways Roam can make your system even better. In the meantime, we hope Roam inspires you wherever and whenever you choose to listen. Roam is available starting 20 April. Preorder now at

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