Everyone in the house can listen to something different, or you can group your Sonos products together to play the same music for a party.

Tap H_Rooms.jpg to see what’s playing in each room. To change what’s playing, tap a room, and choose different content from Browse, Search, or My Sonos.

Tap H_group.png to play the same music in more than one room. If you’re near a speaker, press and hold the ALL_play_pause.jpg button to easily add the music from another room. If different content is playing in different rooms, just press and hold ALL_play_pause00199.jpg until you hear the sound you want.

Room settings

You can customize Sonos products for your surroundings.


Trueplay analyzes the surroundings in a room and then adjusts each woofer and tweeter to provide you with the best sound for that room. Learn more

EQ settings

Sonos products ship with preset equalization settings. You can change the sound settings (bass, treble, balance, or loudness) to suit your personal preferences. Learn more

Room name

If you move your speaker to a new room, you can change its name in your room’s settings.

Status light

There’s a status light on each product. If the light is distracting, you can turn it off in your room’s settings. If it ever flashes orange, go to for more information.

Speaker touch controls

You can disable the touch control buttons on your speaker. You may want to do this to prevent a child or curious pet from accidentally adjusting playback or volume. Learn more

Set max volume

You can set a maximum volume for each room. Learn more

Turn off WiFi

You can turn off your speaker’s WiFi when it’s connected to your network with an Ethernet cable. This reduces power consumption and can improve connectivity for some wired speakers.

For products like Amp, Connect, and Connect:Amp, turning off WiFi can reduce the internal temperature when they’re placed in a rack or stacked. Learn more


You can connect an audio device like a turntable, stereo, or MP3 player to a Play:5, Amp, Connect, or Connect:Amp and stream the audio to Sonos. Learn more

Stereo pairs

Pair two Sonos speakers in the same room for a wider, stereo experience. One speaker serves as the left channel and one serves as the right channel.

Note:The Sonos speakers in a stereo pair must be the same type.

Get more information about stereo pairs.