Home theater soundbar and streaming music speaker in one—

Note:The grille cloth is not removable. Tampering with the cloth may damage your Playbar.


Controls and lights


Volume up (+)

Volume down (-)

Press to adjust the volume.

Note:You can also use the app and remote control.



  • Press once to play or pause music.

  • Press twice to skip to the next song (if applicable to the selected music source).

  • Press three times to go back to the previous song.

  • Press and hold to add the music playing in another room.

Note:You can’t skip forward or go back when listening to a radio station.


Status light

Indicates the status. Learn more

If the light is distracting, you can turn it off in your room’s settings.


IR sensor light

The IR (InfraRed) sensor receives signals sent by a remote control.

When the Playbar receives a volume or mute command, the IR light displays momentarily.You can adjust this setting so the light never displays in the room’s settings.

Connector panel


Ethernet ports (2)

Use the supplied Ethernet cable if you want to connect to a router, computer, or network-attached storage (NAS) device (optional).

Digital audio IN (optical)

Use an audio optical cable to connect the Playbar to your TV.

AC power (mains) input

Use only the supplied power cord (using a third-party power cord will void your warranty).

Note:Insert the power cord firmly until it is flush with the speaker.

IR repeater

Allows the commands from your remote control to reach your TV if the Playbar is positioned in front of the TV.


This setting is on by default, but can be turned off in the room’s settings.

Select a location

You can mount the Playbar to a wall above or below your TV or place it on a credenza.

Placed on a credenza

Wall mounted

To put Playbar on a wall, see Wall mount.

Connect the cables

Before you start

  1. Disconnect existing home theater or surround sound equipment from your TV.

  2. Connect any external devices, like a cable box or DVD player, directly to your TV.

Connect the soundbar to your TV

  1. Remove the protective cap from each end of the optical audio cable.

  2. Connect the optical audio cable from your TV’s digital audio OUT (optical) to the Playbar’s digital audio IN (optical). Don’t twist or bend the cable.

Note:The Playbar’s digital audio IN port and the optical cable are ‘D-shaped’—make sure the connector aligns correctly into the port.



Connect the power cord

Attach the power cord and plug in the Playbar. Push the power cord in firmly until it is flush with the surface. 

If you don’t have the app, download it from the app store. You’ll use it to set up and control your Sonos system. See Getting started.