Sonos home theater

Sonos products for your TV provide full-theater sound and play music too. Create a home theater system by adding a pair of rear surrounds and a Sub.

Surround speakers

It’s easy to turn two Sonos speakers (same model) or two of your favorite non-Sonos speakers (with Amp or Connect:Amp) into separate right and left channels for your home theater. Get more information about surrounds.

Surround settings

When you add your speakers as surrounds, surround sound is optimized for your room. You can adjust these settings:


Turn surround sound On or Off.

TV Level

Adjust surround volume for TV audio.

Music Level

Adjust surround volume for music.

Music Playback

Ambient (subtle) or Full (louder, full range).
Doesn’t apply to TV audio.

Balance Surround Speakers

Manually balance your surround speakers.

Home theater settings

Use the Sonos app to adjust sound settings or change the way your home theater speaker works with your TV.

TV dialog settings

If the TV audio is out of sync with the video, you can adjust the audio delay (lip sync) in your room’s settings. Learn more

Group audio delay

If you notice audio issues when playing to a group, you can adjust this setting. Learn more.   

TV autoplay

TV Autoplay—if music or other content is playing when you turn on your TV, the audio automatically switches to TV audio (default). If you don’t want this to happen, turn off TV Autoplay in your room’s settings.

Ungroup on Autoplay—if your home theater speaker is grouped with other products when you turn on the TV, it automatically drops from the group (default). If you don’t want this to happen, turn off Ungroup on Autoplay in your room’s settings.

Speech enhancement

Makes TV dialog easier to hear. Learn more

Night sound

Enhances quiet sounds and reduces the intensity of loud sounds. Turn on to reduce the volume while still experiencing proper balance and range. Learn more

Remote control setup

During setup, you’ll program a remote control. You can program a different remote control any time. Learn more