Sonos Stand

A set of custom-designed stands for Sonos One and Play:1 provide an elegant solution for placing your home theater surrounds.

What’s in the box?

The kit contains a pair of Sonos stands. Each stand assembly includes:

Note:Sonos speakers sold separately.

What you’ll need

Assembling your Sonos Stand

  1. Take everything out of the box and place the base in the packaging slot to stabilize it for the next few steps. Unplug your Sonos speaker, and thread the speaker end of the power cord through the opening in the base.


  3. Insert the stem snugly into the base, using the alignment pins to position the power cord channel either in the front or back. Use the 2 black screws and a Phillips-head screwdriver to attach the base.


  5. Route the speaker’s power cord through the speaker platform.




  7. Use the 2 silver screws to attach the speaker platform to the top of the stem, threading the power cable carefully. Snap the bottom plate on with the power cable channel in the back, and mount the platform on the stem.


  8. Plug the power cord back into the speaker and place on the top mount, pulling any extra cable down from the top. Tighten the screws and attach the top cap with the notch facing toward the speaker.


  10. Press the power cord into the stem, working from top to bottom. Pull the excess cable down from the base.


  12. Tilt the stand forward slightly to wrap the excess cord around the bottom of the base. Plug the speaker’s power cable into the wall and enjoy the music!