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Sonos is unique among consumer electronics products because it keeps getting better even after you buy it. That’s because we offer free software updates with new features, music offers and more.


Way more radio: 25,000 stations, shows & podcasts

  • Listen to stations, shows and podcasts across every musical genre, on every topic imaginable, and covering practically every sport in the world.
  • Add any station or show to Favorites so you can find and play it in an instant.
  • Search for a specific station, show or host. Just enter the call letters or name to find what you’re looking for.
  • Tune in to radio shows—past, present and future. Catch up on recent shows you missed, archived for your convenience. Listen to the shows you love streaming live, or see what will be playing soon.
  • Listen locally and globally. Local radio has all the stations in your neighborhood. Or browse by location to listen to great radio from around the world.

More free music: Pandora is free on Sonos

Pandora, a new kind of radio personalized just for you, is now free with every Sonos system. Update to Sonos v2.7 and enjoy endless hours of music you're sure to love, everywhere you desire.
3 steps to start enjoying Pandora on Sonos:
  • Sign up for a free account on Pandora if you don't already have one
  • Add your account to Sonos. On the handheld Controller, choose Music Service Setup under System Settings. Add Pandora and enter your Pandora user name and password.

Even more music: on Sonos is a global music service that works seamlessly with Sonos. With Sonos v2.7 and a subscription to you can create personal radio stations based on your musical tastes and discover new music in every room. And you can do it all without turning on your computer.
3 steps to start enjoying on Sonos:
  • Subscribe to, if you don’t already have a subscription
  • Add your account to Sonos. On the handheld Controller, choose Music Service Setup under System Settings. Add and enter your user name and password.
  • Hit the Music button, choose and start a new station or tune in to Tag Radio.

More control: Support for Sonos Controller for iPhone

Download the free application on the App Store and turn any iPhone™ or iPod® touch into a full-fledged Sonos Controller. Enjoy total control of all your music and all your rooms with the added bonus of a touch-screen interface and pocket-size portability. In English only.

More languages: Dutch and Swedish

Sonos now adds Dutch and Swedish to its roster of languages supported in the Sonos system software.

And more

Sonos is switching its Rhapsody streams from128 kbps WMA streams to 192 MP3 streams so Rhapsody sounds better than ever.