Our Approach - Building a Grassroots Network

Our role is to listen first and foremost. To start, we invited a group of leading activists to our Boston offices to ask how Sonos could most effectively support those working on the frontlines to protect basic rights for artists and other complex policy issues related to our mission. As a result of these conversations, we’re building a network of grassroots nonprofit organizations working on key objectives. We will provide small grants to support courageous activist and advocacy work, investing in strong relationships—with no strings attached to our products.

Listen Better will work with Q-Tip, an artist with a long history of making music to achieve social good who has inspired us for decades with his art and activism. Q-Tip has advised Sonos for several years and as an Advisor of Listen Better he will play a major role in guiding our giving strategy, helping spread the word about urgent issues facing music, and spurring more people to get involved. In this spirit, we will continue to build on our relationships and grow our network as we know the most lasting change comes from the ground up.