Every room sounds different.
With Trueplay, they can all sound great.

Trueplay analyses room size, layout, décor, speaker placement, and any other acoustic factors that can impact sound quality. Then it perfectly adjusts how each woofer and tweeter produces sound.

Tuning is quick and easy.

It takes just a few minutes and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Trueplay uses your Sonos app and the microphone on your iPhone or iPad to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture and other surfaces in a room. Then it makes some precise acoustic adjustments to your speaker – sometimes large, sometimes small – to make sure you always hear the purest sound possible.

Trueplay tuning for home theatre.

Trueplay balances and fine-tunes any Sonos home theatre setup - from Playbase or Playbar, with or without Sub, to full surround sound with Sonos rear channels. You can set your home theatre system up however you want, in any room - and know it will sound amazing.

Music and movies, custom tuned.

Trueplay tuning adjusts each woofer and tweeter to make sure the sound reaches your ears from every direction at just the right instant and volume.

The result? Everything you hear feels more immersive, more intense, and more real.

Creating Trueplay: The Video

Trueplay room tuning is available for


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