Songs handpicked for you.

Get just about every song ever recorded - and the experts to recommend the right ones for you, based on what you already listen to and love. Plus, get the world’s best new music with Beats 1, broadcasting from London, Los Angeles and New York, and listen to curated radio stations.

Listen out loud, in the place you love most.

Sonos brings Apple Music home with smart speakers you can control, room-by-room, from one simple app. Speakers you can tune for any room to make sure every one of those personal recommendations sounds amazing. Wherever you love to listen.

Add Apple Music to your Sonos in four simple steps.

You can also set up multiple Apple Music accounts on your Sonos, so everyone’s playlists, libraries and favourites are always on hand.

  1. In the Main Menu, tap Add Music Services.

  2. Choose Apple Music.

  3. Click Add to Sonos.

  4. Sign up for a free trial or sign in.

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