Mind The Gap

At Sonos we know how important sound is to home cinema: Sonos and Abbey Road Studios joined forces to give one filmmaker the gift of sound. We went on the hunt for a compelling, visually stunning short film, worthy of a dynamic new score. The winning piece was rescored by Oscar winning composer Steven Price and premiered in Abbey Road Studio’s iconic Studio One, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Join us as we find out more about the rescoring of the winning short film, Mind The Gap. Follow our journey from selecting the winning film to its premiere at Abbey Road Studios. Talking exclusively to Mind The Gap's director, Luke Flanagan and composer Steven Price, we delve deeper into their inspiration, creative process and their thoughts about the final piece.

Introducing the Winning Director:
Luke Flanagan

Luke Flanagan, Film Director

From myself and the team behind Mind The Gap, it is truly a special honour to have been chosen by Steven, Giles, Miranda and Simon. To have musicians and masters of Steven Price and Giles Martin’s calibre to become involved with the film has been a dream we never imagined possible, and has personally served as a real education in the power of sound on screen.

Mind The Gap is in essence a story about a woman’s relationship to sound. Steven’s response to this is a piece of music that invites the audience to take an incredibly intimate look into her thoughts and feelings, both hearing and seeing as she does. So profound is the effect he’s had on the film, I’ve since found myself discovering visual subtleties in the performance I’d never before seen.

Having first heard the story on the news in 2013, and as a Londoner who’d grown up hearing the voice of Oswald Laurence on the tube, I felt compelled to bring the story to screen and celebrate one of our most cherished institutions.

We shot the film over three days in February 2014, performing costume changes on carriages and using the London Underground as our film set. It was a dream come true and we were extremely lucky to find our star, Eileen Nicholas (Trainspotting) whose performance on the day was an inspiration to us all.

Meet the Judges

Steven Price, Film composer and Academy Award winner for Gravity.

Steven Price

Film composer. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Score for Gravity.

Giles Martin - Sonos Sound Experience Leader

Giles Martin

Producer. Composer. Music Director. Received two Grammy awards for The Beatles’ Love Soundtrack album.

Miranda Sawyer - Writer, Broadcaster, Author

Miranda Sawyer

Award-winning Writer. Broadcaster. Author. Feature writer for The Observer.

Simon Cellan Jones, award-winning Film Director

Simon Cellan Jones

Award-winning Film Director. BAFTA nominated as best new comer for Some Voices.