Sonos Playlists

Sonos playlists are music queues you create and save for future listening. For example, you might want to create a jazz playlist, a party playlist, or an easy listening playlist.

Once you’ve created a playlist, simply select Sonos Playlists from the Music menu to play it back.

Note:      You can build playlists from multiple music service accounts, but you will not have the ability to see which account the tracks came from.

Adding a Sonos playlist

While browsing music, you can create a Sonos playlist or add to an existing playlist. Simply touch CR200_information_sm00015.jpg and choose Add to Sonos Playlist. Touch New Playlist or select an existing playlist.

Note:      The options that appear depend on the music source you have selected.


You can also save a music queue as a Sonos playlist by choosing Save while viewing the queue.

Note:      Tracks that reside on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, or on your Android device are not included in a Sonos playlist. For more information, see the Sonos Controller for Android Smartphones Product Guide, Sonos Controller for Android Tablets Product Guide, Sonos Controller for iPad Product Guide, or Sonos Controller for iPhone Product Guide.

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