Using Headphones

The PLAY:5 has a headphone jack you can use for private listening. The headphone jack is auto detecting — plug in a pair of headphones and the PLAY:5’s built-in speakers automatically mute. When you unplug the headphones, the speakers automatically come back on.

When headphones are plugged in, a headphone tc_headphone_small.jpg indicator is visible on the Volume screen of your Sonos controller. If you adjust group volume, the volume for the PLAY:5 with headphones attached is unaffected.

  1. Plug a pair of headphones into the headphone jack. (Sonos automatically drops the volume level down to 25%.)

  2. Put on your headphones and increase the volume to a comfortable listening volume.

    Caution:       Long-term exposure to music played at high volume through headphones can cause permanent hearing damage.


  3. Remove the headphone jack from the back of the PLAY:5 when you are ready to resume listening through the built-in speakers.

    Note:    If you don’t hear sound coming from your PLAY:5, check to make sure there are no headphones plugged into the back of the unit.

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