Setting software update preferences

There are two options available:

      Periodically check for updates. When there is a software update available, the Update Now browse_update_small.jpg icon appears on the Music menu.

      Do not check for updates.

  1. From the Settings menu, touch Advanced Settings.

  2. Select the desired setting for the Auto Check for Updates.

      ON, to periodically check for updates.

      OFF, do not check for updates.

Updating your Sonos components

When there is an update available, the Update Now browse_update_small00022.jpg icon appears on the Music menu.

      Touch the Update Now icon to begin the update process.

  Your Sonos components will all be updated, as they must carry the same software version number. This process may take several minutes per component, depending upon your network connection.

  One or more components may need to be updated later if you purchase a new component with a later software ver­sion, or if you plug in a component that was not in use when you performed your last software update.

  If you have another Sonos controller, you will be prompted to update it the next time you use it.

Caution:        Do not disconnect power from your Sonos components, or in any way disable your Sonos system while this process is running. Contact Sonos Customer Support if an error occurs.

Updating your Sonos Controller for Android tablets

Update the Sonos Controller for Android Tablet app by downloading the latest Sonos software from the application store on your Android tablet.

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