Equalization (Sound Settings)

Sonos products ship with the equalization settings preset in order to provide the optimal playback experience. If desired, you can change the sound settings (bass, treble, balance, or loudness) to suit your personal preferences.

Note:      The loudness setting is designed to compensate for normal changes in the ear's sensitivity at low volumes — you can turn this setting on to boost certain frequencies, including bass, at low volume.

  1. Touch tc_progressBar_show_small00021.jpg to display the EQ option along with the repeat, shuffle, and crossfade options.

  2. Touch dcr_EQ_icon.jpg.

    Note:      If you have grouped rooms, a drop-down list of rooms appears. Touch the name of the room you want to change.

  3. Drag your finger across the sliders to make adjustments.

      Slide controls to the right to increase, left to decrease.

      To change the Loudness setting, touch ON or OFF.

      To change the settings for a Sonos component back to the original default values, touch Reset All.


Note:      Balance is only adjustable on a PLAY:1 when it is used in a stereo pair.


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