Setting Up a New Sonos System

Step 1: Connect one Sonos component to your router

Note:    Which Sonos component should I connect to my broadband router? 

If you want to listen to music in this room:

- Connect a ZonePlayer 120 with your choice of speakers
- Connect a ZonePlayer 90 with an external amplifier or powered speakers
- Connect a ZonePlayer S5 (which has built-in speakers)

If you don’t plan to listen to music in this room, you can connect a Sonos ZoneBridge to your router instead.

Connect an Ethernet cable (supplied) from any of the Ethernet switch connectors on the back of a ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge to an open port on your router. Do not connect the Sonos component directly to your cable or DSL modem unless your modem has a built-in router.

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