PLAY:1 MINI BUT MIGHTY No other wireless speaker packs so much deep, crystal clear HiFi sound into such a compact design.
Fill Your Home With Music
Create a Home Theater
Pair Two for Stereo Sound
Expand your System
Use it Wirelessly with a BRIDGE
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Explore the versatility of the PLAY:1 room by room. It’s great both on its own and with other Sonos products.
Connect a PLAY:1 to your router and start playing music
Plug the PLAY:1 into your router and you can immediately begin streaming music from your smartphone, tablet, MAC, or PC.
Add a BRIDGE to move PLAY:1 anywhere in your home.
If you want to place your PLAY:1 in another room, you’ll need to connect a BRIDGE to your router. You need at least one Sonos device connected to your router to create a Sonos audio network.
Get a second PLAY:1 for true stereo separation
Link two PLAY:1 speakers together as a stereo pair in the same room. Separating the left and right stereo channels creates a richer, more immersive sound.
Create a complete 5.1 channel surround sound system.
Immerse yourself in full 5.1 surround sound by adding two PLAY:1‘s to the PLAYBAR and SUB. This group transforms an everyday TV room into a full home theater – all with a system you can set up in minutes.
PLAY:1 connects seamlessly to all other Sonos products.
The PLAY:1 is a building block of the Sonos multi-room system. Place a Sonos component in every room and stream all the music you love throughout your home.


  • Delivers Deep, Crystal Clear Sound
    The PLAY:1 has two perfectly tuned Class D amplifiers, one 3.5” mid-woofer designed to faithfully reproduce mid-range frequencies and deliver deep bass, and one tweeter to create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response. No other wireless speaker this size delivers such rich, clear HiFi sound.
    Sonos Speaker
  • black
    Fits Anywhere
    Place anywhere in the home thanks to its compact size, mounting hole and custom designed power cord. The continuous curve grille supports wide audio sound and allows flexibility of placement.
    Inches Wide
    Inches Tall
  • Volume Control
    If you don’t have your smartphone or tablet nearby, you can easily control the PLAY:1 by pressing the buttons on top of the device. Press Play/Pause button once to start or stop the music and twice to skip to the next track.
    Play, Pause, Skip Ahead
    Volume Controls
    Volume Control
    Speaker viewed from top
  • Speaker wall mounted
    Easy to Wall-Mount
    It has a standard 1/4""-20 threaded insert that connects to most wall-mounting brackets.
  • Humidity Resistant
    The PLAY:1 is designed to withstand humidity so it can survive in your bathroom, even while you’re taking a shower. The PLAY:1 is not waterproof or water resistant.
    Speaker with water drop
About Com
The PLAY:1 is the product I always hoped Sonos would make.
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NBC News
And, for being smaller than a half-gallon milk carton, it sounds pretty awesome.
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Men's Journal
It is, as they say, definitely a player.
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Associated Press
I'd say the company resoundingly succeeded with a speaker that far outpunches its size.
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"Sounds heavenly."
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  • Play songs from all your favorite music services.
    The SONOS Controller App lets you access all the music you love in one place –no matter where your music library lives, or how many music services you use, or what country your radio station streams from.
    Supported Application
  • Use the Sonos Controller App on any device.
    The Sonos Controller App is easy to use on any device. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to take control of your home listening experience.
    Any Device List
    Any Device Images
  • Get total control over your home.
    Stream different music in every room. Group rooms to play one song simultaneously. Choose group all to play the same beat throughout your house. Control the volume of each room individually, or together.
    Supported Application


  • Home Network
    Connect Home Network
    Wirelessly connect your PLAY:1 to a BRIDGE or another Sonos device. Or you can connect your PLAY:1 directly to your home internet router.
  • Home Network
    Plug In Your Speaker
    To get started plug the PLAY:1 in to the nearest power outlet
  • Home Network
    Get The Sonos App
    The Sonos Controller App lets you connect and configure new devices, including the PLAY:1. You can download the app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC
It depends where you want to place your PLAY:1
If your PLAY:1 is near your home internet router, you can connect the PLAY:1 directly to your router with an ethernet cable. If you want to place your PLAY:1 in another room, you’ll need to connect a BRIDGE to your router. You need at least one Sonos device connected to your router to create a Sonos audio network.
The PLAY:1 connects seamlessly to any Sonos product. Start with a PLAY:1 and add more products over time to create a complete wireless home audio system. With Sonos you can enjoy all the music on earth in every room of your home wirelessly. Learn More
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PLAY:1 $199