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Every room sounds different.

Walls, furniture, where you position your speaker – they all impact the acoustics in a room. And the sound quality of your music.

Thanks to Trueplay, that’s changed.

True to the music. Right for the room.

Trueplay makes your Sonos speaker even smarter. It uses your iPhone or iPad to analyze the room, then literally adjusts how each woofer and tweeter produces sound.

So you hear the music you love, custom tuned to the room where you’re listening.

Let’s Trueplay tune your speaker.

It takes just a few minutes and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Sonos app icon
1. Open your Sonos app.

From the Music menu, choose Settings > Room Settings.

Select room in Sonos app
2. Pick a room.

Select the room where you've placed your speaker.

Trueplay room tuning from Sonos app
3. Tap Trueplay Tuning.

Then follow the in-app instructions.

Trueplay Tuning Tips

Keep the noise down.

Shut off appliances. Shush the kids. Let the dogs out. And walk soft.

Move smooth and cover the whole room.

Like in this video.


Don’t adjust the volume.

Your speaker will make some loud noises. They’re key to the process. So don’t lower the sound.

Your music, custom tuned.

Trueplay uses your Sonos app and the microphone on your iPhone or iPad to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture and other surfaces in a room.

Then it makes some precise acoustic adjustments to your speaker – sometimes large, sometimes small – to make sure you always hear the purest sound possible. With nothing added and nothing lost. Just a spot-on playback of the song the artist sent your way.

Trueplay tuning videos

Sonos Trueplay: Behind the scenes

Tuned to fill your home with pure, true sound.

Available now.

In order to perform Trueplay tuning, the Sonos app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7 or higher is required. This includes iPhone 4s and higher, iPad 2 and higher and iPod touch 5th generation and higher.

View this link for additional information.


Trueplay room tuning is available for

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