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Wireless speakers

PLAY:1 $199

Deep, crystal clear sound.
Compact and surprisingly powerful.


(1986 reviews)

PLAY:3 $299

Intense, immersive sound. Serious room-filling power.


(3011 reviews)

PLAY:5 $499

Ultimate listening experience with the purest, deepest, most vibrant sound.


(319 reviews)

Wireless home theater


The soundbar for music lovers


(1332 reviews)

SUB $699

Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design. One-button setup.


(577 reviews)

Add existing stereo equipment


Turn your wired speakers into a music streaming system with our high-powered amplifier.


(866 reviews)


Turn your stereo or home theater into a music streaming system


(1125 reviews)

Get Started

2 Room Music System

Two PLAY:1 speakers for two rooms in your home.


Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound Package

System includes PLAYBAR, SUB and 2 PLAY:1s.


Wireless 3.1 Home Theater System

System includes PLAYBAR and SUB


2 Room Music System + CONNECT

Upgrade your existing home audio solution by adding wireless streaming capabilities and music in two additional rooms.


PLAY:1 Tone Limited Edition

Available in absolute black. Featuring a soft-touch matte finish and the whisper of a Sonos tone-on-tone logo.


Sonos Gift Card

Give the gift of music


Improve wireless reliability


Unparalleled wireless reliability

Add ons

PLAYBAR Wall Mount Kit $39.99

An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for Sonos PLAYBAR

Power Cable

A replacement power cable/supply for your Sonos device

Discontinued products


Improve wireless reliability

Battery $29.99

A replacement battery for your Sonos CONTROL

Out of stock1-2 weeks

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Cradle $39.99

Quickly power up your Sonos CONTROL

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Which setup is right for me?

If you’ve got great WiFi at home, simply buy any speaker and set it up on your home WiFi network using the free Sonos controller app. If your home WiFi network just isn’t reliable enough, Sonos offers options for you to make sure the music never stops.

Here’s a guide to help you understand which Sonos setup is right for you:

# of players* Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 32 Up to 32
Ideal for Any home with good WiFi coverage Larger homes where WiFi doesn’t reach all rooms Larger homes where WiFi doesn’t reach all rooms Any home where wireless connectivity is a serious problem
Wireless range Dependent on WiFi router broadcast power Reliable mesh network; allows players to connect through any nearby player Reliable mesh network; allows players to connect through any nearby player Most reliable mesh network with 2x the range of BRIDGE
Dedicated wireless network   X X X
Extend the range of your existing Sonos network   X X X
Enterprise-grade wireless performance       X
3 wireless antennae for uniform 360° coverage       X
Advanced wireless interference rejection       X
Wall mountable       X
Price FREE FREE $49 $99

*Actual number of players may depend on network conditions


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