The amplified music streaming upgrade for your favorite stand-alone speakers.

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  • Brings music streaming to your favorite indoor or outdoor speakers.
  • More sonic punch. Built-in amplifier powers large or small speakers.
  • 55 W per channel at 8 Ohms.
  • RCA line-in for connecting a range of playback sources.
  • Subwoofer line-out.
  • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.

New life for your old speakers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream music using the speakers you already own? With CONNECT:AMP you can–and you don’t even need a receiver. It turns your favorite pair of passive (aka non-powered, non-amplified) speakers into a streaming machine so you can teach them some amazing new tricks.

Set up over Wifi.

Plug in. Connect. Stream without interruptions or interference.

Start in any room. Add on.

Play different songs in different rooms. Or the same song everywhere.

Control with one app.

Pick a room. Pick a song. Hit play.

Keeps getting better.

Software updates mean the product you buy today will be even better tomorrow.

Any speaker, any room. Indoors and out.

Bookshelf, floor-standing, outdoor, in-ceiling or in-wall. CONNECT:AMP powers all the speakers you own and love. For non-stop outdoor listening, CONNECT:AMP works with patio or poolside speakers, too.

Sets up easy.

Attach CONNECT:AMP to your speakers using standard speaker wire. Plug it in. Connect it to your WiFi using the Sonos app for uninterrupted wireless music streaming.

One app. Complete music control.

The Sonos app helps you quickly search through all your services to track down favorite music, send it to different rooms, and adjust the volume and other settings. You don’t even have to be in the same room. And if your friends have the Sonos app, they can do the same.

Check out the app

Over 30 streaming services available.

Sonos plays everything – the most popular streaming services, on-demand Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, your go-to collection of downloads – whatever you love to listen to.

Explore music services

Amplify your speakers.

CONNECT:AMP has a built-in class-D digital amplifier that delivers 55W per channel of audiophile quality sound to your speakers. You can even adjust the sound to get the bass, treble, balance, and loudness just the way you like it. And the aluminum casing passively cools the amplifier so all you hear is the music.

Grab your aux cord.

Plug in any audio device to your CONNECT:AMP—from your amplified record player to a friend’s phone—and listen out loud on your speakers. You can also enjoy it on any other Sonos speaker in your home.

A Sonos original.

CONNECT:AMP was one of our very first products at Sonos, long before stand-alone speakers were even a twinkle in our eye. It was called a Zone Player back then and was designed for all the audiophiles in the world (like us) who simply loved the audio equipment they already owned. It still is. And thanks to our regular, ongoing software updates, CONNECT:AMP has continued to get better and better over time.

Multi-room music.

One room of streaming music is great. But a house full is even better. That’s the power of the Sonos Home Sound System. Fill more rooms with music by simply adding more Sonos speakers and components. They all work together seamlessly so you can play different songs in different rooms or the same song everywhere.

Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos.

Enjoy all the personalized Spotify playlists and other listening features you love and more - without ever opening your Sonos app.

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Expand your sound

Add a SUB
  • Add a SUB

    Add a SUB.

    Wirelessly connect SUB to your CONNECT:AMP for dramatically deeper bass.

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Class-D digital amplifier. Powers speakers with 55 W per channel.

Audio line-in. Auto-detecting RCA.

Subwoofer output with 80 Hz crossover.

Radiant cooling. Operates silently so all you hear is the music. Amplifier is kept cool by the aluminum casing, not a noisy fan.

Speaker connections. Spring binding posts.

Adjustable bass and treble controls to optimize sound performance. Adjust volume by individual room or by groups of rooms.


Dimensions - H x W x D
3.50 x 7.28 x 8.15 in. (89 x 185 x 207 mm).

5.1 lbs. (2.3 kg).

Product finish
Anodized precision machined extrusion aluminum case.

Side panel buttons & lights
Volume and Play/Pause buttons.
LED indicates Sonos component status and mute status.

Power & Networking

Power Supply
100-120/220-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input.

WiFi, not Bluetooth
Connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming.

Ethernet ports
Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports to connect to a wired home network and bring standard Internet connectivity to other devices.

System requirements
Passive (non-powered, non-amplified) speakers. Broadband Internet in your home.


Sonos CONNECT:AMP, power cord, flat Ethernet cable, Sonos QuickStart Guide, and Legal/Warranty information.


Love the Connect Amp!


My two cents on the Sonos Connect Amp. It allowed me to set up my outdoor speakers the way I wanted and still have the ability to control the music using wifi from my phone while outdoors. The added bonus is that it powers my outdoor Klipsch rock speakers perfectly. Small disclaimer...I am not an audiophile or tech savvy at all. I simply judge the sound based on what I hear, and it sounds great. For those interested, here is how I used the Connect Amp. I had heard great things about Sonos and loved the idea of eventually expanding Sonos throughout my house to get the multiple zones/multiple music source capabilities. We just put in a pool so I decided to start my Sonos setup there. I wanted to control the music by wifi while sitting poolside. The CA was the answer. I did a little research on outdoor speakers and decided on the Klipsche AWR-650-SM rock speakers. The CA is set up in a cabinet on the first floor with the other electronics. I could not hook it up with an ethernet cable, so it is using wifi. (I eventually purchased a Boost in order to take advantage of the Sonosnet, but the CA worked fine without it). I drilled a hole through the inside of the cabinet, to the exterior of my house (sounds scarier than what it was). From there, I ran one speaker wire (I used 12g, 4 conductor) about 65', then I ran the other all the way around the pool which was about 130'. I had serious concerns about the amps power and how long the runs were. Luckily the speakers were dual channel because of how far apart the speakers were, I could not get clear stereo sound by wiring them as a true left and right. I wired them up as duel channel and let them rip. They sound great! My concerns about power were unfounded. I can play music louder than I could get away with (legally, without upsetting neighbors) and still have plenty of juice to increase the volume! Can't wait to expand with Sonos!





We use it everyday. We have speakers in our ceiling and we listen to the news in the morning and stream music the rest of the time.


Victoria, BC

Easy. Versatile.


Used the Connect AMP to power three zones outside my house. I have a zone surrounding my basketball court with 4 wired speakers, a zone around my deck with 4 more wired speakers and a burried 10" subwoofer. I used two Connect AMPs and one Connect. Ran speaker wire from my basement by drilling a hole in the foundation and burying the wires to each speaker. The same system would be professionally installed for $10k+. Did this all for around $2.5k with high quality outdoor speakers. Great for parties or just hanging out with the family and SONOS makes in unbelievably easy! Highly recommend, it's worth every penny.


Clifton, VA



Great product, easy setup and easy use with app. Worth many


New City, NY

Simply Awesome


We purchased and installed to Amps to play music through our living room and outdoor speakers. The setup was extremely easy and we are able to stream music from numerous sources. Love this product!

A Working Mom

Saint Louis, MO