The music never stops, no matter who’s calling.

Want to fill your whole home with music? WiFi’s your best solution. Streams music from your WiFi network, instead of from your phone or tablet. So you never miss a beat.

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Wireless range

Sonos operates on WiFi, which means the Sonos system covers the entire range of your WiFi network. As long as your WiFi reaches all the rooms where you want to put a Sonos wireless speaker, you won't have any issues with range. Music keeps playing — without skips, delays or drops — regardless of where your phone is. If you’ve got Bluetooth speakers and are streaming music from your mobile phone, the strength of the wireless signal can be impacted by the location of your phone relative to the speakers. If the phone goes out of range, the music may skip or stop playing.

Music keeps playing when the phone rings

With Sonos smart speakers, all you hear is the music. Bluetooth speakers are prone to interruption. If you get a call, text, or email notification, your song may be interrupted.

Play the same song everywhere, in perfect sync

With Sonos, you can play the same song, streaming service, or radio station in different rooms, simultaneously, without echoes or delays. You also can add or drop rooms from your speaker grouping and still be in sync.

Play different songs in different rooms

Sonos lets you tune in to an Internet radio station in the bedroom, stream a music service like Spotify in the kitchen and play a song from your iTunes music library in the living room — simultaneously, from the same device. To do the same with Bluetooth speakers, each would need to be controlled by a different smart device.

Multi-room music control

Sonos lets you control the entire listening experience — the music, rooms, volume settings — with one app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Sonos speakers connect together wirelessly to create a house full of sound, in up to 32 rooms. Sonos can even connect to your TV and existing stereo equipment. With Bluetooth speakers, your phone can control only one speaker at a time.

Uncompressed, immersive sound quality

Sonos supports CD-quality sound for immersive, crystal-clear sound. Most Bluetooth sounds systems compress audio signals, compromising sound fidelity.

Connect via any mobile device

All the latest mobile devices — smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android — can be used to play music through Sonos and Bluetooth speakers.

Push notifications

With Sonos, your music streams via WiFi instead of Bluetooth. So you never miss a beat.

Bluetooth balls

Sonos streams music from your network, not calls from your phone. No more missed beats.

Pairing problems

Set up once, then forget about it. Your Sonos will always remember.

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