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One app to rock them all

Take total control of your home listening experience with the Sonos app. Play, control and explore your music, your way.

Browse and play from any device

Built for mobile, tablet and desktop, the Sonos app connects you to all the music on earth, all over your home.

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Mobile applications

Desktop applications

Explore the app

Main menu of the Sonos iPhone appNow Playing screen on the Sonos iPhone appSonos app screen for multi room music controlInfo view feature on Sonos app to get artist bios, album reviews and concert listingsSonos app screen of Queue - your personal playlist of favorite music from your library or music services
Smart start

Your starting place is the Now Playing screen that features album art, basic controls and easy access to all of your music.

From here you can also:

  • Access the main menu
  • Control songs and volume by room
  • Access more options from the Info View
  • Add songs to the queue
Room moods

Hip hop for the kitchen, soul for the living room and classic rock for the bedroom – now you can set the right mood in any room. Mix it up with different songs in different rooms or choose “group all” to hear the same beat throughout your home. You can also crank up the volume for each room individually or together.

The inside track

For a deeper dive on the music you're listening to, tap the "Info View" feature to get artist bios, album reviews and concert listings. See related artist suggestions to discover a new band for your queue.

You can also:

  • Add to your playlists
  • Delete songs from your library
  • Share tracks to Twitter or Facebook
Queue it up

The Queue gives you ultimate control in listening to whatever you want, whenever you want. Choose any song from your library and add it to your queue on the fly or create your favorite playlists in a few seconds.

Other features include:

  • Easily edit and save playlists
  • Shuffle and repeat
  • Access additional controls like Play Now, Play Next, Add to Queue, Replace Queue


Sonos favorites

Get quick and easy access to the music you love the most from the Sonos app. Once you create a favorite, it will be accessible from your Main Menu.

Sonos playlists

Save music queues for future listening with the Info View icon on your Now Playing screen. Access your personalized playlists from the Main Menu.

Music library

Play music housed on up to 16 PCs, Macs or other storage devices on your home network.

Mobile music

Wirelessly play music stored on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) as well as Android from the Main Menu.

Internet radio

The Sonos app comes pre-loaded with TuneIn Radio to deliver over 100,000 free radio stations, shows and podcasts from across the globe – all for free.

Add music services

Search across services to access all the music on earth. Find the latest and greatest free, trial and paid music streaming services you love.


Schedule your system to play any of your music sources at a specific time. Select specific Sonos players or rooms to set volume, duration and more.


Tell your friends what you’re listening to on Sonos. Share your status or send an email or text. Just tap the Info View icon and select “Share".

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How do I control Sonos?

Sonos is designed to be controlled from a free Sonos app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can have our app on multiple devices in your home, and use whichever device is most convenient at a given time. Multiple users can collaborate to manage music in the home.



How do I play different music in different rooms, or the same music in sync?

Each Sonos player shows up as a different option in the "Room Menu" of the Sonos app. You can group rooms together if you want them to play the same music, or control them individually. Rooms can easily be grouped or un-grouped at the touch of a button.



How does the Queue work?

The Queue gives you ultimate control in listening to whatever you want, whenever you want. Choose any song from your library or premium service and add it to your queue on the fly. You can quickly add individual tracks, existing playlists, or full albums to the Queue.

Other features include:



If I turn off my Sonos controller, will the music stop playing?

Only if the music that's playing is stored on the device that is being turned off.

Smartphones, tablets, and computers can all control Sonos using our free app. These devices can also store music for Sonos to play. If you turn off a device which is storing the music that Sonos is playing, the music will stop. Otherwise, it's just like putting away your TV remote while the TV is on.

For example, if you're controlling Sonos from your phone and playing music from the Internet or your computer, turning off your phone won't stop the music. If you're playing music stored on your phone and turn it off, the music will stop after about 30 seconds when the buffer runs out.